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We recently had a need to export all user activity for one user.  The only ways that I learned to to this was via the pageviews report (with a 300 row limit; and not a full export of historical use) or via the User Course Access Log report in settings-->reports.  However, the User Course Access Log has it's limitations.  One can only export a month's worth of data and there is no way to filter out a user.  Can we please advocate for the ability to a user and increase the data to export as all time?



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I've run into this limitation as well.  I agree there needs to be an easy way to export more than 300 rows of data for user pageviews.  Our CSM has been able to get this data for us in a couple recent cases, but that really shouldn't be necessary.  Canvas support also used to be able to do this, but recently had indicated they no longer have the time and directed me to API documentation.  The API is great, but shouldn't be a fallback for Instructure to not develop UI features.  I'd venture to guess most Canvas admins are not developers and even those who are cannot be expected to write their own code every time Canvas comes up short for our needs.


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Yes, I agree with Chriscas.  I recently had the same situation.


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Agreed! Ideally, in the pageviews, there should be a date range and the csv file should be able to download every pageview for that user within the date range, even if it is thousands of lines long. 

I do have code to query the API but it breaks randomly, and I am not sure why, nor do I really have time to troubleshoot these things. So instead I end up contacting Canvas Support and asking for a pageviews report until they give in and send it to me. I am sure we both have better uses for our time.

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