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Filter View in Learning Mastery Gradebook

Filter View in Learning Mastery Gradebook

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In the Learning Mastery Gradebook, there are a list of outcomes from left to right that are in order based on the upload file or import order. The columns of objectives can be dragged and dropped but revert back when refreshed. 

My request/suggestion is that there be a drop down of viewing options as there is in the regular gradebook. It would be helpful to sort/filter the view for similar learning outcomes. For example, we have created outcomes that are organized in folders by subject area. I would like to be able to see all the learning mastery for one subject area at a time. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Agree that this would be useful as we are moving towards standards based grading for K-5. Useful because when there are a lot of outcomes across all subject areas it can become tedious to scroll left to right to find the outcome you're looking for.  

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