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Filter unread posts in mobile app

Filter unread posts in mobile app

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On the web version of Canvas, you are able to filter discussion posts to see those that are “unread”. This feature is not available using the app, and it would be beneficial if it could be. I’d rather not have to scroll through each comment to see the new ones, and so I’ve resorted to using the website on my phone to do this instead of using the app.

For reference, I am a student.

Community Team
Community Team
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** New Idea: Canvas Custom view/filter for Discussions within Canvas mobile. This custom view/filter would enable the mobile user to filter discussions by New/Read/Unread similar to the Read/Unread button in Canvas Web Discussions. **

Currently the mobile versions of the canvas apps only enable users to view the entire discussion thread which can contain hundreds/thousands of items, causing users waste time hunting through lengthy threads to find the unread items.


Discussions: Can settings be changed to view only new/unread discussions in Canvas for iOS? 

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Would be VERY helpful as an instructor like me also! Make it happen!

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As an instructor you must be going crazy without it, Lets do it!

It would be sensible to have the capability to filter discussion threads by read/unread, especially on mobile devices. This is the first time I have encountered this lack of functionality.

How do we push to make it happen?!? 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

I agree this would be good for mobile UI/UX as quickly finding information is key on smartphones. 

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A feature in the mobile app that allows students to see unread discussion posts without scrolling through and expanding every thread to find the unread post. This feature is available online, but not in the iPhone mobile application. Thank you!