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Final Grade Passback to Infinite Campus

Final Grade Passback to Infinite Campus


The current passback to infinite campus only supports assignment level passback.

This is a cumbersome, redundant, and inefficient process for teachers.

It forces teachers to operate in two gradebooks.

It also invites a senario where the grade calculation in the two system do not match, resulting in two different grades.

We must have an accurate way to transfer the grade to our SIS for transcripts and reporting.

The total grade is all we need.

My understanding is that an upgrade to OneRoster 1.2 will facilitate this.


Supporting a final grade solution for infinite campus allows our teachers to perform all of their work in Canvas, our gradebook of choice.


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Community Member

I voted for this, but we use Power School instead of Infinite Campus. We do not need to sync grades with Power School throughout the year. Trying to make this work has been a big hassle, when we only need to transfer quarter grades from Canvas to Power School at the end of each quarter.