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When a teacher wants to add a rubric to an assignment, they currently have to search through all of their courses to find the right one. This may require them to scroll down a long list before they find the right course. While it is helpful that rubrics are available to use from other courses without importing them, it would be more efficient to have two options on a menu or tabs:

1) Rubrics from this course (Default view)

2) Rubrics from other courses

This would allow teachers to add rubrics from the most likely place and also allow them to search through their other courses if they wanted.

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Try being an instructional designer enrolled in dozens of courses. Searching for rubrics takes me a wee bit of time!

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Just to add another voice to the mix, we would like the ability to show which Term you're in to the search. Right now, when I pull up a rubric, it shows it just by the name of the class. We have the same name for classes, so my five years of classes (at, sometimes, three semesters a year) add up to clutter up the list.




Some of the classes have different numbers after the 1010, which is a different section, but some have the same. If I click on them, they each have the same items on the side. It is just very confusing to tell me whether it's a class from 2015, 2017, or my current Term classes.

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It would be great if the term could be listed with the course title.  Having used Canvas for several semesters, I now have many, many versions of the same course showing up in rubrics.  It is very difficult and time consuming to sort through all the semesters to locate a rubric.

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I wish they would fix this.  I have about 10 different course I manage each semester and just to add a rubric that was attached to a previous course is in this giant list of every canvas site I ever managed, including workbenches is so frustrating and time consuming.  

You typically don't realize the assignment is missing a rubric until the first time you grade it.  As someone who also sets-up other instructor's courses, this becomes a nightmare to keep things consistent across the program. 

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Since our course codes don't include terms, the course code is the same for the course every year.


We would also like to see the term added when finding a rubric within an assignment, like the course tiles on the dashboard. It would make it easier to differentiate courses with the same course code. 


This would also be handy in other places where the course code (or -name) is displayed. For example in the inbox the course name is displayed. Does someone know when the course name and when the course code is used? Canvas doesn't seem to be very consistent regarding this, but maybe I am missing something. 

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I could upvote this twice or three times, I would.

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I'm confused by this suggestion. When I go to Find a Rubric, the default for me is that the current course shows (middle column). I thought perhaps it's just that the issue has been fixed since 2017, but I see people more recently posting that it's still an issue. 


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Hi Katie, you are right, the middle column when you first open the dialog box shows the current course rubrics.  But if you click on another course, you lose that and there's no way to go back to current course without knowing which one it is in the left column. 

But, I am not finding my current course is at the top of the list as you show - those are the rubrics from the sandbox?  In Chrome, my course list appears to be in alphabetical order.  Your image is also showing the term under the course, which I do not see when using  "Find a rubric" while adding it to a discussion or assignment.  Instead it shows the number of rubrics.  I would love to see your Find a rubric dialog box!  Where is it?

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One of the biggest nightmares in canvas.

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to find a rubric when you teach the same course each semester-

I just created a rubric for one assignment in a course and cannot find it to add it to another assignment in the same course/semester-
45 minutes wasted!

This REALLY needs to be resolved!

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I was just thinking about this problem.  I use rubrics on a few assignments that come up regularly in my courses.  Having access to that particular course FIRST would save me a lot of time.  I've been using Canvas for 7 years, and in that time every semester I have 3 classes that usually divide into 2-3 levels (this is high school fine arts - beginning, intermediate and proficient are all in the same class period). I do cross-list those levels into one course which helps, but with 6 courses every year so far that's a lot to search through. Not to mention my school keeps changing the way they list the course name in PowerSchool/Canvas so there's that. Not to mention I fine-tune the rubrics as I go so of course I want the most recent iteration.

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Finding rubrics is a nightmare if you have taught many different sections of a class using different assignments over time. There is no organization or ability to sort by semester. I hope they improve the functionality. 

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I've been using the rubrics more, and now find that it's a pain to search for previously used ones. It would be a big help if the class you're in when you open the rubric box would appear on top, then other classes as they are by name. My classes all have very similar numbers, so I struggle to get to the right place!

example of rubric search. Notice the similarity of the course names/numbers.example of rubric search. Notice the similarity of the course names/numbers.

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When I go to find a rubric I've created and add it to an assignment, for some reason every course I've ever taught is listed and I have to scroll through pages of courses to find my current course. Rubrics should be prioritized to show the current course first if all courses are going to be shown. My recommendation is that only rubrics for the current course are shown and there is a button that the user can click to show other courses.

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It would be amazing if when I went to add a rubric, I didn't have to click through all of my courses to find the one I want. I wish I could just search the title of the rubric. 

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When attempting to attach an existing rubric to a discussion forum for grading, the subaccounts and course options appear from left to right with the choices showing below the scroll in longer rubrics. This is not conducive to using the tool with global standardized rubrics in any quantity. Navigation on the page to attach existing rubrics would be improved by a top to bottom approach with existing options appearing in dropdowns. The addition of a search function (similar to the term dropdown on the Courses page) would further expedite finding the correct rubric if a specific naming convention is employed.
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I would say that the issue of updating rubrics goes beyond just finding the rubric from a large number of courses viewed through a little window (that's part of it) but also in being able to globally update or grid update rubrics in a course.

For instance, I have multiple discussions that use the same rubric and recently had to change the points from 10 to 15 points for all of the discussions. In addition to making the points change in the discussions themselves, I also need to make the change in each rubric. In this case, I create a single new rubric and re-attach it to each of the discussions. This process seems to be much longer and more tedious than it should be.

Here's a quick screen capture to demonstrate the current process:

I'm open to suggestions if there is a faster way to do this!

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I would like to be able to order (sort) Rubric (on the Course Rubrics page) by date or other ways, not just A-Z.

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Besides differentiating between rubrics from current and all other courses, it would also be helpful to label each course with the term that they were taught in.

We recently received outreach from a faculty member expressing frustration with figuring out which of her rubrics was the most recently updated version. There's no way to differentiate between the courses in the Find a Rubric list since course codes sometimes will not change from semester to semester/year to year, see screenshot below:


Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 2.16.40 PM.png


It would also be helpful if the classes could be listed in chronological order according to their term.

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This idea has been active for over four years and is still "Open for Conversation"! Instructure, why isn't this moving forward? It cannot be that hard to show the CURRENT course when selecting "find a rubric." 

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Yes, please!  I have many, many courses per year based on our quarter-long schedule.  It is difficult to go back and find rubrics.  A filter to "see by course" or "see all" AND a search function would be fantastic