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Finding Rubrics

Finding Rubrics


When a teacher wants to add a rubric to an assignment, they currently have to search through all of their courses to find the right one. This may require them to scroll down a long list before they find the right course. While it is helpful that rubrics are available to use from other courses without importing them, it would be more efficient to have two options on a menu or tabs:

1) Rubrics from this course (Default view)

2) Rubrics from other courses

This would allow teachers to add rubrics from the most likely place and also allow them to search through their other courses if they wanted.

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Yes. 100%.

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The interface to find and add an existing rubric to an assignment or discussion is just awful.

  1. The pop-up window is small.
  2. I have to scroll down and left to choose from my menu of courses.
  3. I have to scroll top to bottom along a single column of rubrics.
  4. I have to scroll to the center right to view and confirm the rubric.
  5. Extra actions like re-sizing and moving the pop-up window are annoying, repetitive, and requisite to manage the screen at all.


That's all I can think of right now. If anyone has any other ways this interface interferes with your work, post them below!

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I'm in agreement that the current system is very clunky. I am an instructional designer and we are listed as course admins (same access as teacher, but this designation lets students know that we're not the course instructor). We have hundreds of courses to manage so the rubric search can be time-consuming.

For instance (as a use case), discussion forum rubrics are often fairly generic and might be used throughout the many discussions in a 15-week course or used in multiple courses in a program. If I wanted to use the same rubric for all of the discussions in the course, then I need to do this search function for each instance. Then, say I wanted to change or add something in these rubrics, I do this all over again. Additionally, our system is somewhat locked down so scripts and similar are often not allowed so functionality built-in to Canvas is best.

In the short-term, can we have the option to expand the tiny rubric search window? Even that would be helpful. One saving grace is that rubrics copy forward with courses for repeat set-up in future semesters or multiple sections.

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When you complete an assignment, you can choose to attach a Rubric.  I click on "Find a Rubric" and I have my list of all of the Rubrics that I have created.  They seem to be labelled under the class heading.  For some reason, there are multiple listings for the same class - each has a different number of rubrics attached to the different listing.  This is more than likely my 'not understanding how this all works' - I created all of these and now have a issue.  I would like to delete the class set of rubrics that I no longer use.  For example, my one class as 5 class rubrics and in each some have 1 and some have 4!  I want to be able to delete some of these classes from my Existing rubric list.

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Any traction on this Canvas? I delivered some professional development to teachers, and while rubrics weren't on my agenda it cam up in Q&A and teachers had a lot of feelings about this. We are 8 years into Canvas and teachers have many courses in their enrollment history with the same names. When linking a rubric to an assignment, the course search is impossible to navigate and identify a course by term. I can't think of any other area of Canvas where teachers see their historic course enrollments and do not see them grouped by term or labeled by term: the all courses page, the course import screen, the copy to... dialog.

Besides the difficulty in picking out a rubric, teachers end up selecting a rubric from an old course that they already have in the current course and have many copies of the same rubric: writing rubric (1), writing rubric (2), writing rubric (3), etc There other workflows that cause the duplicates, but not having your bearing when navigating the rubric list is one contributing factor.

This problem is just getting compounded year after year for long-time Canvas customers.


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I would like to see the option to 'Find rubric' added to the actual Rubrics page. As I undertsand it, you can only find a previously used rubric when attaching directly to an assignment. I would like to be able to edit a previous rubric before attaching it to somethign and therfore making it visible to students.