Flag additional discussion posting of graded students again in To Do


Please flag a student’s discussion for grading again, after they have be graded initially, and then decide to EITHER make additional discussion posts OR edit their original posts. By flagging, I mean to have them show up again in the instructor’s To Do with the link “Grade [name of discussion]”.

Many of my assignments are draft-based. The common workflow is

  1. Students submit a draft.
  2. I grade it with feedback for improvement.
  3. They revise and resubmit.

If the assignment were a regular assignment, then resubmission will flag the student again for grading.

However, I opt to make these discussions, because students have been enjoying the free form peer feedback they can receive. Some also like the opportunity to check out others’ work, and even follow others’ progress.

Strangely, additional posts/edits by a student who has received grades on the discussion will not be flagged. As such, I have to ask students to manually message me after their resubmission, which adds unnecessary work to everyone. If they forgot to message me, or if I accidentally missed their messages, then their resubmission would just sit forever unattended. I also have to manually access the discussion’s SpeedGrader, which is relatively cumbersome because it takes 3 clicks and 1 additional page load to get to it (as opposed to a To Do > Grade link). See my postAccess to SpeedGrader from home for more on that ux problem.

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Please add this feature. I'm currently using a convoluted system that requires students to revise and comment. Then I have to check my email to see the comment, return to the assignment to re-grade it, and comment to the student when it is updated.
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Even without requiring revisions, I have graded discussions early unintentionally, because I allow two days for replies after the due date before the assignment locks.  This was particularly a problem when all my class went remote on different schedules  Having any changes marked as "needs grading" would have been very helpful

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New replies in discussion assignments need to show up as a "To Do" for grading.

Discussion assignments often require not only an initial post, but also a response to someone else in the class. Currently, if a new reply is posted after grading has occurred there is no way to know this reply needs grading unless I manually recheck every discussion for every student.

Either we need to be given an option in discussion settings that any new submissions (initial posts or replies to peers) show in "To Do" so we know it needs to be graded or it just needs to be an automatic setting. 

Discussion assignments are meant to foster conversation. Current settings do not allow instructors to be able to reasonably track this and keep grades up to date.

tl;dr New work in discussion assignments needs to be indicated somewhere within the class itself as an icon in the gradebook or as a new "To Do" in some capacity.

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Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

The Product Team reviewed all feature proposals recently, and unfortunately, this thread was identified as one that they would not be able to include in their current or future plans. While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!