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  1. It seems a shame that the attribution wasn't developed with the flickr image search in the editor (as a gesture of academic integrity if not required in Public Domain).
  2. If Attribution was added to the the development a much larger range of images would be available to use from the FlickrCC repository (CC By).
  3. Can a tool with broader functionality be developed along the lines of FlickrCC in Canvas? One that includes wikimedia Commons might be good. Or one that does more than search for images even? Perhaps something like the CC Search
  4. At the very least, I think Attribution to source in the existing Flickr function needs to be added, to aid better discipline around academic integrity, even for 'Public Domain' images.
  5. There is no assurance that an image in Flickr has the copyright status it claims to have. Anyone can upload any image with any copyright notice, including Public Domain and there is no internal process to verify that. Youtube has automatic checks followed by procedures involving people for example. Wikimedia Commons has vast numbers of volunteers who check all content. Flickr does not. Adding an Attribution will help some people check this, such as librarians tasked with checking a course for its copyright and academic integrity.

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Thanks for adding this,  @leigh_blackall ‌! Where I struggle with this is not so much in Canvas but at the new Google Sites, which is a tool my students use and which also completely lacks an attribution tool, so that the most important thing I have to emphasize again and again with my students is how to get the attribution information they need to create their own citation; Google Sites seems to go out of its way to make that hard to do. Argh! The old Google sites did not have an integrated image search, but the new Sites does, and the way it is set up positively encourages people to grab images without any investigation into where the images are found online and how to attribute them.

I really hope everybody will use Leigh's proposal here to think about how they model image attribution for students and how they teach students about image re-use. That is something I work on every semester, and I get the impression that, even though my students are mostly graduating college seniors, this is not something they have had to do for classes before, as they have been just plopping images into Powerpoints without thinking about attribution. The students have bibliography style pounded into their heads class after class after class, but nobody at my school has even taken the lead on documenting the image citation issue the way they have done for bibliography style. Those of us who care about this are reinventing the wheel on our own for every class every semester.

So, while some technology help with Canvas would be great, we have a bigger culture/literacy problem at work here if we are going to educate students about image re-use online and the value of linking and attribution. The more of us who can make that a priority, the more likely it is we will start to be changing students' expectations in general, as opposed to what I think is their current impression that such-and-such class makes you cite images just because that instructor is weird. 🙂

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Ah my friend, I have a gift for you from the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges....................

It won't meet all of your students' needs, but it might help. 


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Nice, Kelly. Elegant. Now, if you still have the resources or ability to further develop it:

Add Date and Publisher fields, build it into a comprehensive citation tool.

You see, I'm suggesting you build in standard referencing, where the CC Attribution becomes a feature within a broader referencing tool that is a citation generator. This help bring the the idea of "academic integrity" up to date with things like "linktrabution, attribution, citation needed". And in that citation generator would include all the usual suspects (APA, MLA etc) but also handy Wikipedia Citation code generator and the CC Attribution as links that are already there.

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Hi  @leigh_blackall ‌

I shared your response with our state board person who was responsible for getting this puppy built.


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This is definitely needed to demonstrate best practices for faculty and students alike. I admit I sometimes take a shortcut and simply say "click directly on image to view original image with link to CC licensing," but this is not ideal, of course.

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