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Format for rubric in speedgrader

Format for rubric in speedgrader


I am using the rubric to grade in speegrader. However, in the speedgrader panel the rubric descriptions are enlarging the table making it hard to view the entire rubric.

After a while, I don't need to see the rubric descriptions because I have them memorized. So can you please add the feature of "hidden view" so that the tables are small enough to click on the points?

Alternatively can allow to put the rubric on the bottom of the screen? Thus splitting the screen on top (assignment) and bottom half (rubric)


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wanted to point out that when you have a rubric and go to grade and make the rubric visible, the window always opens to that the student’s work takes up almost all of the screen area and the right side of the rubric is cut off – so you can’t type in the points without re-sizing the window – which isn’t easy because you have to grab the line in the exact right spot between the student work and the rubric and slide it over – many times cursing while trying to grab it at that sweet spot – And, what is really frustrating is that even if I am at home with a 27 inch monitor, it still happens – now the student work has blank space to the right and left and the rubric’s point values are still not visible. 

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Agreed.  The rubric view in speedgrader can be vastly improved.  Make it easier to zoom in and out of rubric and eliminate unnecessary white space so that it can fit entirely on the display along with the assignment.