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Formatting Text

Formatting Text

formatting text is clunky

a format button that would allow the same formatting to be used on other text would help enormously

(like word has a formatting paint brush)

Community Participant

Agreed! Or at least a "clear formatting" button that would revert the selected text to whatever mysterious format Canvas defaults. There currently isn't even an easy way to SEE what formats are in use in order to attempt a match.

Community Champion

Hi all, 

There is a clear formatting tool, see this guide.  See the section titled "Remove Text Formatting."

As far as seeing what format is used, when I click on different text, it does show me what size and heading style I am using. Does your instance not do this?   

A format paintbrush would be very useful, I agree. One work around for new content would be top copy text that is styled the way you want, then paste it in the new area and add to it, then delete the unwanted copied text.  I know that is a bit clunky and doesn't work for existing text, but it's useful in some instances.  Thankfully, there aren't too many style choices which keeps it simple and accessible for students.