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Fractional Grading Increments using the Grade Slider in Canvas Teacher App

Fractional Grading Increments using the Grade Slider in Canvas Teacher App

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When grading in the Teacher App for Canvas, the grade slider only has whole number increments. It would be useful to have other decimal value available, such as .25, .5 and .75.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly.

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Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Open
Community Team
Community Team

Yes, it's true that the slider will only do 1-pt increments, but it is possible to manually enter a score. I also wonder how "picky" the slider bar would feel if there were too many in-between options.

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I do appreciate that we can manually type a fraction, but, oh boy, if the slider could do at least .5s on even just 5 points assignments, game changer it would be for efficiency and maintaining quality feedback.

Absolutely, I can see to many increments becoming a challenge/overly sensitive, but I think a 5 point scale with .5 options would be a good start.


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Or why not just have an option on the slider page to enter the score manually?  There's no reason why we couldn't have two modes of entering a score is there?  Maybe a button to tap in order to open a field in order to add a score manually? 

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If a student earns 97% on an assignment worth 10 points, I enter a grade of 9.7 points.  On the app, the sliding scale only allows for whole number points assigned.   I would like to see the scale include tenths of a point or be changed to a value box so that a decimal grade could be entered.