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Freeze top, left, and side banners of Canvas.

Freeze top, left, and side banners of Canvas.


I have suggested this in the past but it didn't seem to gain traction so I thought that I would bring the idea up again.  It is just a very annoying feature that could be correct rather easily I would imagine.  It would be nice if Canvas froze everything but the interior page.  In other words, let's say you are in the "Modules" page. When you scroll down, the way it is now everything scrolls and you lose site of your courses, grades, calendar, etc. as well as all of your global settings.  Depending on how long your "Modules" page is, for example, you even lose sight of the left hand navigation tabs as well (Home, Assignments, etc.)  I think that those should be stationary, just as if you were to lock columns or rows in Excel.

Please also refer to this closely related idea:


just my thought, an option to do so.

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 @eabshire ‌, I totally agree with this.  This is something that, as simple as it may seem, absolutely annoys me!


I think hamburger menus are so common now that anyone with a mobile device would immediately know what it was.


On all my macs, holding shift while scrolling changes it to horizontal.

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I think a button that pushes you to the top of the page is a better idea than freezing panes.

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I assume that independently moving panes would cause accessibility issues, but I'm not an expert.

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YES YES YES. I've used Canvas for 2 weeks and this is the first improvement I would make.


It's a shame the boilerplate text saying that the idea is not going to be taken up reads in such a dismissive way. I appreciate that with a lot of ideas to consider, it would be very time-consuming to give feedback on why it's not being developed for each one, but when an idea (such has this one) has cycled around in the community for a long time, presumably consistently making it into the top 10% each cycle, I think it would be helpful to have some indication of the thinking of the product team and why they may think this is not such a good idea

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Community Team

Hi Antony,

You are correct that we try the best we can to balance asking our product managers spend time giving feedback on what and more importantly why decisions are made around prioritizing development work with spending that time working on helping get things developed.  I do not have a technical background but I can tell you that this particular idea has been studied several times and each time we found that it was actually more complicated that it first appeared or that we had to do something else significant before we do this.  So it isn't so much that our product people don't like the idea but more that the amount of work required so far has not been deemed reasonable in comparison to other competing interests and priorities.


I typed a long entry, clicked on "Post," then was advised the system couldn't log me in.  So I logged in only to discover my posting here had been wiped.  Programmers:  Ever hear of "form data?"  But this is a great lead in to this version of the same post.


The left side menu (not the "Account, Dashboard,..." one but rather the "Home, Announcements...," one) should be able to be detached from a scrollable page. like the Discussions page.


After scrolling five miles to the middle of an ongoing discussion, it's a pain to have to scroll all the way to the top just to check something else out, then try to recall exactly where one was prior to doing that so one might return to the middle of the original discussion.  It makes that menu rather pointless.

A jump-to-top button would fix perhaps 2% of the problem.  And to use, say "Ctrl-F" (or whatever) while trying to remember what you were reading moments before so you could search for some word is beyond kludgy.

Since the menu is technically not associated with the page, detaching it would be in keeping with UI protocols.

Non-scrolling menus are easy to program.

The way this exists now is... well, imagine studying a 20-column spreadsheet with a thousand rows and the row headings scroll with the content.  When you're on, say, row #623, will you really remember what the data in column #16 is?  I bet you've experienced this very thing.

Well, a menu that scrolls up into infinity is just about as useful.

Please give serious thought to fixing this.



The sidebar containing Home, Assignments, Quizzes etc. that can be hidden would also benefit from an option keeping it locked while scrolling through the pages of a class. Mainly a convenience thing but this would make Canvas more user friendly alongside the many other suggestions made regarding layout or functionality. Just a thought.