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[Global Navigation] Folders for list of courses

[Global Navigation] Folders for list of courses

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I'd like to see folders or some other organizational structure for course lists. Over the years one ends up with long lists of courses that are hard to sort through. 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open

Hi @azachmei -

Thank you for sharing your idea with the Community!

I wanted to share that a related idea is open for conversation as well: Make the course list sortable. I opened this thread because of the emphasis on folders, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of the other idea too. 🙂 

Community Champion

Hi @azachmei -

I was going to send this to you directly instead of posting it in your idea.  HOwever, you have PM's disabled.

There is a canvancement that allows you to sort/search the course list - which is a good substitute if not better way to do what you need.  This information is probably in the idea conversation that @KristinL mentions above

If you are not adverse to using Tampermonkey and a javascript, then the information below is what you need.

Sorting the All courses list

By the way, my institution got tired of all the instructors complaining about a need for this functionality that they modified the script and added it to our instance of Canvas, so it is now built in.

I hope that helps with your issue while waiting for a possible solution from Instructure.