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While we can edit html to add a tool tip to glossary terms, doing so can take a good bit of time.  And the downside is that for the viewer there isn't an indicator of what text has the tooltip.  While we can make such terms bold font, perhaps there is a different way.

For example, take this approach below that I found while looking for a solution.  Using this method instructors merely need to edit a wiki page in a single place to define the terms and then all terms will be noted with tooltips in the course and there is a little dotted line to show which have definitions.  Just how cool is that?  Take a bow, RMIT.

I can guess this is accomplished using custom java or CSS.  But wouldn't it be fine addition to Canvas if such a glossary feature were baked in? Then normal people like myself can develop a course and be able to define key terms without having to link to endless definition pages out on the Interwebs, which by doing so, invariably ends up in a myriad of complexity, broken links, etc.  

Of course such an approach would have to be accessible, etc.

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I just tried it; it didn't work.

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It would be great to have a glossary tool built into RCE/Canvas

The example I saw today was when a Māori word is used in a sentence (or example whakamana) in describing a principle or activity would be good to have the ability to hover or click and see the definition for that term.