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Google Assignments LTI(1.3) - Connect to Speedgrader

Google Assignments LTI(1.3) - Connect to Speedgrader

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Our teachers are using Google Assignments  LTI(1.3) and would like it to be connected to Speedgrader. They like the Speedgrader system, but right now they can't use it with assignments submitted via the Google Assignments LTI(1.3).

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Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. You'll be happy to read the last sentence of New! Meet Google Assignments LTI: "*Grading synced to Canvas SpeedGrader coming Fall 2020."

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Hello!  Today I was working with a teacher and she told me that when using the new Google Assignments LTI 1.3 external tool, she is unable to see a preview of a student's submission in Speedgrader.   I went in as her and verified this.   Can someone in Canvas please look at making this a possibility?  It will make grading these assignments within Canvas speedgrader much easer.   As it is now,    I have to have the teachers initially make a no submission document, add the rubric, go back into it and turn it into a Google Assignments LTI 1.3 assignment and then when they want to grade it with speed grader, they have to have two windows open (one with access to the student submissions and one open to the speedgrader where they can grade on the rubric).  They have no preview on the left of speedgrader. 


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! 

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This weakness is really tough on teachers who grade with a stylus on an iPad. English teachers want to be able to write directly onto an assignment. This functionality was a game changer when Google Classroom added it several years ago. This is one instance where Classroom is beating Canvas pretty substantially. Having to grade long papers using a keyboard and comments is cumbersome at best.

Here is how it should work:

In speedgrader, rather than seeing "No Preview Available", teachers should see the document in a format that allows them to write using their stylus. Then they could simply write comments, enter the grade and swipe to move to the next submission.

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@Stef_retired it's Fall 2020 and Speedgrader still doesn't let us grade Google LTI assignments. Any feedback on this? I am grateful that LTI is now working with fewer glitches, but the grading of these assignments is EXTREMELY CUMBERSOME. Thank you for any updates as the other post you had referred to has now locked out all other comments. @raudabaughwill and @svonderbruegge  make excellent points and I want to second both of them! Anything to reinforce this and get this moved to a top priority status 😉

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Community Team

@NicLSim We don't have an update to share on this at this time. When one is available we will include it in the Canvas Release Notes, add the link to this thread, and include it on the roadmap, so please follow these to stay on top of developments. Thanks.

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Spring 2021 and this is still not happening. With deprecation looming of 1.1, getting 1.3 up to speed is a must. I do not know the right place to put this, but the lack of SpeedGrader integration is a major piece of the following issues with Google LTI 1.3 used as an external tool for assignment submission:

  • Google Assignments cannot be marked from Speedgrader
  • Google Assignments cannot even be previewed in Speedgrader
  • Google Assignments cannot be opened from the Canvas student app, only in a browser when working from a mobile device. Canvas student app cannot launch the Google LTI 1.3 external tool
  • Comments made in the Google Assignments marking interface do not appear in Canvas. I refer to this as comments not getting surfaced in Canvas.
  • Comments in Google Assignments, once the student finds them, do not appear next to the homework they submitted making the context of the comment harder for the student to discern. The Google Assignments homework itself is a linked file away from where the comments appear.
  • Rubrics in Canvas cannot be directly used to mark Google Assignments, while Google Assignment rubrics do not report to Canvas. Google Assignment rubrics cannot include outcomes, even in Google Classroom, and certainly cannot include Canvas based Outcomes. Google Assignment rubrics thus cannot report to Canvas outcomes mastery. Rubrics with Outcomes is absolutely critical to modern collegiate assessment. This is, by itself, a single point failure that makes Google Assignments unusable at present. If GA could appear in SpeedGrader preview, then Canvas rubrics could be used (along with Canvas based comments).
Linking a Google Sheets file in a Canvas assignment description without using Google Assignments external tool as the submission method is an option. The student can then "Make a Copy" of the "master file" with the data and questions, edit, and submit via the upload method of submission. But the upload lands in SpeedGrader as a PDF. And in statistics I need to see the formulas the students used in Google Sheets.  A PDF file in a PDF viewer is a nonstarter.

PDF conversions of spreadsheets are problematic: if a student places a chart on top of an image embedded in the spreadsheet, then the PDF converter puts the image on the top of the chart making the chart unviewable in the static PDF. I think of this as a z-layer issue from the world of CSS and SVG. 
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@danaleeling your comments are spot on! 

Canvas and Google, we need speedgrader to work with Google Assignments before Google Docs Cloud disappears in the fall.  Without speedgrader and Canvas rubrics, our instructors will not be able to use Google Assignments with the Learning Mastery Gradebook for Standards-Based grading.  This is essential.  Please make this update to the integration a priority.

In addition, I've had teachers report long delays when they grade with Google Assignments, before the scores update in their Canvas gradebook.  Thank you!

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@breklis Thanks! Although a suboptimal solution, I eventually used the approach detailed at: This does not render the Google Assignment in Speedgrader which is highly problematic in a statistics course where I really need to see the errors in the formulas in the cells to be an effective instructor, but the loss of comments being returned to students left the students unaware that they had made errors other than a mark less than 100% for the homework.

I also have too many students who work only on a mobile device from the app, and this copy-on-link approach works for them as well. The LTI 1.3 external tool is, last I checked, is a non-starter in the mobile app. There was a complex way to "back door" into an assignment that no student could master.

Note that our Canvas logon is single sign on from a college Google Workspace for Education account, so our students are already logged into Google when they access Canvas.

I do hope that Google Assignments is one day fully integrated into SpeedGrader - we too depend on Canvas rubrics for outcomes assessment.

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In webinars with Canvas folks, it was made evident that they do not plan to get rid of Google Cloud until LTI works with SpeedGrader. However, this is a very slow process and we are worried that Google Cloud will be deprecated mid-year and throw our teachers into a tailspin. 

Thus, we are encouraging using LTI over Cloud. If teachers want to use SpeedGrader, we are using the solution that @danaleeling shared. It isn't perfect, but it works.

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We recently ran into an issue with Google Drive and Google Cloud assignments not being visible in the speed grader. It prompted us to push teachers to use the LTI 1.3 tool in their assignments but the continued lack of speed grader integration with the LTI 1.3 makes this tool less effective. If the LTI 1.3 files are not able to be previewed in speed grader hopefully the comments are at least able to be transferred from the Google Assignments into Canvas along with the scores and due dates. Having to enter all the information into the Google Assignment and Canvas for every student, every assignment is very cumbersome for our teachers.