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Google Drive Annotation Tools in SpeedGrader

Google Drive Annotation Tools in SpeedGrader

Currently, Crocodoc DocViewer is the default annotation tool in Speedgrader for LTI assignment submissions, including assignments submitted through the Google Drive Cloud Assignment LTI.  


When teachers use the Crocodoc DocViewer annotations, students are only able to see the markups in Canvas, creating confusion as they instinctively open their assignment in Drive to view the comments and suggestions. Additionally, many teachers prefer the options and layout of the Drive annotation tools. 


It would be ideal if the interface in Speedgrader would allow teachers to access and use Google Drive's native annotation tools. 

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New Member

If students are more comfortable with the annotation tools in Google Docs (albeit not absolutely functional but ok), then they should have access to what works in Speedgrader.  It's been around a long time and I think everyone is familiar with it because that's where they usually start.