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Could there be an update/fix that makes moving assignments around in the grade book easier? For example, if a new assignment gets added for a course, that assignment is automatically put at the far right end of the grade book, and it's cumbersome to drag it toward the left where I want it. Also, it would be nice to have the assignment groups on the left where the grade book opens up so that I don't have to scroll past a ton of assignments I haven't published yet just to see them.

More broadly, could the view/interface for the grade book be improved to better view things. Could there be some way that when you have a whole year/term worth of assignments that it is easier to navigate than it currently is?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Gradebook, @cbb22 . We have a number of active ideas requesting specific improvements to gradebook functionality. Here are some of them:

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A search on "gradebook" in this forum will reveal others. 

We've archived and locked this idea so that existing threads don't branch off. If you aren't able to find an idea that aligns with the improvements you're hoping to see, please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing singular prompts.