Grade Posting Policy set at Assignment Group level

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Currently, you can set your Grade Posting Policy to either 'Automatically Post Grades' or 'Manually Post Grades' for individual assignments OR at the course level. You should be able to set the Grade Posting Policy at the assignment group level to accommodate different grading strategies depending on the assignment type.

For instance, I would like one assignment group that is autograded (quizzes) to post automatically, while the other elements in the course remain manual to allow me to control when and how other grades are released. It is otherwise cumbersome to remember to change the posting policy for each quiz, especially when it isn't an option in the assignment settings when making the quiz.

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Yes please!  There are relatively few assignments I want to set as manual, but I set the global method that way to make sure I don't forget to set those few to manual.  Being able to do this would not only save me MANY clicks, but would also save my students from having to remind me about every two weeks that there is some quiz/homework I forgot to reset to automatically post.