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Grade Posting Policy should be configurable in assignment settings

Grade Posting Policy should be configurable in assignment settings

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Has this ever happened to you?

You create a great assignment; students start submitting; you start grading; and then you realize: you forgot to set your preferred posting policy!

You should have remembered to go to the gradebook, and set it, but you're busy, and you forgot.


It shouldn't have to be that way! Grade posting policies are an integral part of the assignment, like the total point value and assignment group, and you shouldn't have to go to a different page to set it: Grade posting policies should be configured from the assignment settings.


Please allow instructors to configure/set a grade posting policy for an assignment directly from the assignment editing page:


Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation
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This is a great idea that would raise the visibility of the Posting Policies!

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Related idea about configuring posting policy default in the gradebook, so that don't need to remember it at all when creating the assignment

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I can't imagine ANY instructor wants to have grades instantly posted as soon as each one is graded. Can we change the default to automatically HIDE grades until POSTED?
Failing that, can we make it an account level setting?