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Grade book link directly to missing assignments

Grade book link directly to missing assignments

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When students click on an assignment in their grade book it takes them to the Submission page for the assignment.  It would be more helpful if it took them directly to the actual assignment when clicked on in the grade book.

I would like my students to be able to click on their missing or, “zero,” assignments in their grade book and go directly to that assignment.  When they see the “No Preview Available,” on the Submission page it confuses them.

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I love this idea.  As many times as I've shown them they can get to the assignment by clicking the assignment name at the top of the page, they're still confused.  

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

Thanks for this idea! There is another idea that might interest you ( ) that brings up similar concerns as part of the idea. We'll leave this idea open for voting, but I recommend you also go add your comments and vote to that idea.

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It would be great for students to have two links available from their grade summary page: the assignment description/details or their submission.  If they have not yet submitted, the description is most helpful.  If they have submitted, a preview of what they submitted is helpful.   

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