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Grade passback between Canvas courses

Grade passback between Canvas courses

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I was working with a professor recently who teaches a biology lecture section (its own Canvas course, fed from the SIS) and an accompanying lab section (its own Canvas course as well, fed from the SIS) with lab assignments that students need to complete and submit, etc. 

To avoid Module overload (faculty does not wish to crosslist), retain dynamic links and individual course grading autonomy (individual lab sections already come in part from their own blueprint), and overall flexibility - would it be possible to have an internal Canvas LTI that could sync grades between courses?

So, in this specific case, the faculty member teaching the main biology lecture course has a spot in a weighted category called "Lab Reports" worth 20% of the grade. That 20% comes from grades over in the lab section, and they manually transpose grades over (student enrollment in each course aforementioned matches). Since it's a manual process, the students may see their lab grades in that section, but they aren't sure how it fits into their overall biology main course grade until the faculty member does updates in that category.

Canvas has robust and efficient LTIs with major external entities like publishers and SIS, could an internal tool exist? I could see other purposes for this, as well. Cluster courses that pull parts from each other, etc. I understand that a blueprint accomplishes many things, but I'd be curious on the grade pass back feature as a dynamic function in courses that are not crosslisted or do not use a blueprint.

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We have recently needed this functionality as well. We have about 50 labs right now for over 120 courses. The 120 courses use the lab grade as a % - the lab grade is not recorded on its own.

This could be a timesaver for sure!