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There ought to be a way to make groups within groups for assignments in the gradebook. That way, if one has multiple graded pieces that are averaged to create one grade entry within a group, Canvas does it easily. Right now, one has to create more overall groups which do not represent the proper organization of some courses. It is easier to introduce errors in the Canvas gradebook if it doesn't exactly match the organization in the syllabus.

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 @nsekerak ‌, would you evaluate to see if that proposed functionality would accomplish the hierarchical structure you're hoping to achieve?


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Hello Stefanie,

No, that is a different concept. I would like to see both ideas happen; thus, I voted for the other idea and wrote this one.

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks,  @nsekerak ‌, for taking the time to evaluate the linked idea. We've opened this idea for voting.

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I see this as opening a new method for organizing grades in canvas:

Say I give 5 quizzes in a unit that I write myself, but I also want students to take the practice quizzes built into their e-text.  I could set a sub-group within the unit 1 quiz group to contain all synced scores from the textbook, and set a specific value to the sub-group's average equivalent to the value of the 5 main quizzes.  Then the main quiz group would have the equivalent of 6 quizzes, and the settings of the main quiz group could be set to drop the 1 lowest score.  In this way the practice quizzes remain optional, because the score is dropped automatically if not used, but would have provided an incentive (replacing a low quiz grade) for students to take those practice quizzes.

This assumes that the sub-groups would be able to have a value set in much the same way external tool assignments do, and then be treated as one of the assignments already in the main group for functions such as dropping the lowest score.

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This would be great. I teach several units with in a grading period. It would be nice to be able to create a Unit and then with in the unit assign group weights for homework, quizzes, and the unit test. Then it would be awesome if Canvas could give grades for a unit and an overall grade for each grading period.

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