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Please allow teachers to create custom grade codes in the gradebook.  This goes beyond the missing/late/excused flags currently in the new gradebook roll-out.  Teachers would like the ability to create a letter code for a precise percentage weight.  For example, a teacher could create a code "I" for incomplete and assign a certain percent of the assignment's value.  Some teachers wish to give alternate letter grades for assignments and have them worth certain percents: E (exemplary) = 95%, etc.  #Teachers need autonomy over their own gradebook and this would go a long way to achieving this.  Additionally, allowing teachers to enter letter codes enables the use of "set default grade", which is currently not available with the missing/late/excused flags in the new gradebook.

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You already have a code for excused: EX... So why not add codes for missing right away? You should be able to do that easily.

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You can read the entire thread at 

The conversation about the Missing tag and why we do not have plans to build it begin here

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This would be especially useful for the final "override grade" column, so that an I (Incomplete) grade could be recorded for a student at the end of the semester and automatically uploaded to our (BANNER) system as part of the rest of the grade upload process.

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In our K12 district, a big ask is for an absent code. When I was still teaching, my prior district used a gradebook program where we could customize our codes and attach a process to the code. So, "excused" may be a preset rule in the gradebook, but I could define "Ab" for absent, "FT" for Field Trip, or "EX" for excused as my custom codes where the "excused" rule was applied. Rather that having just a generic EX in my gradebook, I could quickly review my gradebook and know why I didn't receive work from a student. Currently, you can enter these as a comment, but it's a lot more clicks to enter and view a comment than a gradebook code. 

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This would be an amazing feature! In our previous gradebook (school loop), we were able to add and define our own codes. So I had ones such as I=Incomplete and 20% for the grade, A=Absent (tentative missing--0) and then I could add LATE filters (so I would know to subtract points).

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Yes, please add this custom code feature to help us teacher stay organized with who did what and at what level the work was performed.  Thank you.

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Please allow us to add custom codes. I also want my codes to align to either points or percentages. So just say something is missing, if my school is still using traditional grading, I want to be able to say my M=Missing code is 50% and an I=incomplete is 50% or whatever I determine for the year. Thank you. 

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Yes, we need to be allowed to make codes that don't equal points. It's a great way to communicate with students and parents.

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Please allow teacher to make their own custom codes.  We use FACTS as the SIS and can add custom codes.  With the syncing on Canvas and FACTS we are not allowed to use the FACTS gradebook. Here are a few codes teachers in my district are asking for; P-Pending grade (student turned in but teacher needs to grade) I-Incomplete would also be helpful, SA - School Activity and A-Absent

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It seems like this is a common request - I see posts going back 5 years! Canvas, your gradebook should allow for custom codes/grades. Example: I = incomplete = 40%, Ab = absent = 0%, ETC. 

SchoolLoop did it, you can to. 5 years of asks - time to give teachers what they want!

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It would be nice if there was an option to mark in the grade book (like missing, late, and excused) but the option is "Absent" which does not automatically put in a zero for the student if they did not submit the assignment on canvas by the due time.   I love the feature to automatically put in zeros when something is missing but I wish there was a way where it would not automatically put in zeros if a student is absent because we currently have lots out in quarantine which is not their fault.  

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What I would really like is to have a category that marks submitted work incomplete. This will help document quickly why a grade is particularly low to parents. 

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This way teachers can tell who was absent and who just didn't submit the work. This would be so helpful for us!

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The symbols in gradebook are unclear.  I regularly grade work as complete / incomplete.  Complete is a check mark and a universal OK symbol; this is fine.  Incomplete and missing both appear as an X (unless I also click on missing and a color is added).  Incomplete should be "inc" and missing should be "miss"  Right now a kid can open grades and see a check mark, an x, a piece of paper, a T (what does this mean?), a letter, and a number.  Too much to comprehend!  (BTW  I choose to use incomplete and complete as ways to receive and give feedback on formative work so I don't want it in the average.) 

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As a 6th grade teacher in an elementary setting, I try to teach my students' responsibility.  I have loved the new ideas presented and wondered if there is a possibility of an "unprepared" code to assign along with the missing, late, etc. 

Our 6th grade assigns a lesson with a due date.  Then we set the assignment to close 2 weeks after the assigned date.  Students may not make the work up, however, the assignment still comes up as missing.  When parents see the missing, the parents want us to reopen the assignment for their student to do.  Having the option of coding the assignment as unprepared would allow us to let parents know that the student is not allowed to make the assignment up.

Our Canvas is synced with our district grade book and when we sync the codes, our grade book does not allow us to change the codes until we unsync the two.

We have paired out Honor Roll with missings, unprepareds, etc. and this would make our job a little easier if this were a possibility.


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Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

The Product Team reviewed all feature proposals recently, and unfortunately, this thread was identified as one that they would not be able to include in their current or future plans. While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!