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[Gradebook] Setting for Viewing Grades

[Gradebook] Setting for Viewing Grades

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Problem statement:

Coming from previous LMS (Moodle), faculty were easily able to set how students view all of their grades and not just the total column. This left for very little confusion as points, percentage, etc. were not all being used at once. For example, an instructor may write in their syllabus that a student must receive a 75 percent or higher on an exam in order to successfully reach another portion of the course or receive a certification. However, the way Canvas is currently set only assignments and new quizzes can be displayed as a percentage.

Proposed solution:

Faculty should have the ability in the course settings to change how they want students to view all of their grades as an option. It will help students to be able to see where they are at the course more successfully and for faculty it allows them to ensure consistency for their students.

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This would be a great addition! 

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Great idea! Please add this option to Canvas!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open