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Gradebook advanced filter

Gradebook advanced filter

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In gradebook, can we have an advanced search feature where I can filter the whole class based on the status/grade of multiple assignments? Then can we have the ability to message those students altogether?

Use case: at the beginning of the semester, I have a mix of low- and high-stake assignments. Some students skip the low-stake assignments (let's call those assignments X and Y) and only do the high-stake one (Z). Some complete all the low-stakes but not the high-stake one. Some handed in nothing.

I would like to be able to filter the whole class by the status of these assignments in combination, so I can send them the appropriate message — 

  • Students who missed X, Y, and Z: high-risk dropout, but also might be having difficulty with Canvas. I'd send them a message to help them with Canvas and offer to meet.
  • Students who did X,Y but missed Z: they might not understand the importance of Z (high-stake!). Send a friendly reminder about the importance of Z.
  • Students who missed X, Y but did Z: they might have chosen to do this. I can either let that continue, or send them a quick note acknowledging that what they're doing is fine, but they might want to consider future low-stake assignments as a way to strengthen their understanding.


The message feature would be similar to the current "Message students who...". It's just the ability then to message all students who are in the filtered view of the gradebook. This messaging function would end up being a really convenient feature too for instructors to message a specific section of students, since that filter function already exists.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open