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I had a situation where I had to hide the grades on multiple assignments because I was posting the summary grades for the class, and it doesn't show up in the correct order in student view.

Hence I had to hide the grades on multiple assignments, so that the summaries would be the only thing that students can refer to for their final grades and how they were calculated. 

However, I find the ability to edit the gradebook a bit tedious in Canvas-- For example, although you can drag and drop columns around, you can only do it one at a time-- on the other hand, you can sort columns by a rule, but there are some columns that I want to exclude from the sorting.

I would like to suggest the following feature:

  • Check boxes for mass operations on gradebook columns, so that graders can select certain columns that they want to perform operations on (e.g. sorting, hiding, etc.)

Thank you for your attention, best.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @ChrisSee,

I modified your idea slightly as an idea conversation currently exists around a clickable toggle for grade visibility in the gradebook (Grade Posting: Make the eye icon clickable). I've opened your other idea to bulk edit gradebook columns for conversation. 


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The number one feature I'd like is to bulk edit an assign to clear "missing" or to mark all missing with a score. Skyward has that feature, and I use it all the time. 

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

@ziebarthm  That idea is being discussed separately at  Bulk change assignment status.

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