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It would be helpful if I could see the class averages for assignments within the gradebook rather than constantly having to view the analytics separately. 

It would also be helpful if when I arrange assignments by due date (newest to oldest), all assignments would arrange by due date. We are expected to cross-list sections of the same course at my district. According to Aaron A. on customer support, each section has a separate due date (really a different time) and thus the assignments will not arrange by date. This is problematic. I have to fill out daily and weekly progress reports for some students with IEPs and I cannot easily arrange the assignments for the day or week to complete the reports. It is taking me a lot of time to complete these reports.

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Thanks for sharing these ideas, @JHillemann . We're not able to move an idea forward that contains multiple different requests, both of which are already the subject of active conversations, so we've archived this one.

Please add your comment and rating to the existing comprehensive request for additional data in assignment columns:  Display relevant statistics directly in the Gradeb... 

Here's the idea for a gradebook display that takes multiple due dates into consideration:  Sort assignments with multiple due dates