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I would LOVE IT if when we finish entering grades using the Speedgrader and are ready to move onto the next assignment, it returned to the gradebook where were left off rather than going back to the beginning of the grades.

Community Team
Community Team
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I agree.  It is time-consuming and frustrating to always have to scroll back to the assignment to continue working on grading.  Use the last active position in the grade book to anchor the return.


When I'm in SpeedGrader and I return to the grade book, I land at the top.  Then I have to scroll down again and find the student I need.  For example, I'm grading and I'm wondering, "didn't this student plagiarize their last assignment?".  So I go back to the grade book to look and I have to spend time finding their name again.  This seems like no big deal until you have a class of 200+ students.  There needs to be better functionality in general in SpeedGrader and the grade book.  Example: when in SpeedGrader, I should have the file tree at the left so I can jump to Modules or Assignments with a single click.  I should also be able to enable offline grading with a SAVE button so I don't have to wait that half second for a data transfer with every dang grade I enter.