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Please incorporate a way where administrators can see all students grades on canvas--where we click on a student and see there grades for all their classes.



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Community Team
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It would be nice for Canvas to add the feature for administrator view that when you click on a student, not only can you message the student (a feature that already exists) but that you can also view grades for all of their classes. That way I have a snapshot of the student's grades in 1 place.

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Not even just administrators but other teachers as well. As a coach, it is very difficult for me to see the grades of my players in Canvas. I either have to navigate through the many reports as an Admin, or have the students show me their grades. 


There should be a way faculty can lookup a student and see all of their grades in ALL of the Canvas courses in their institution. 

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A great feature to implement into Canvas in the future would be for Admin's to be able to view an individual student's grades across all their courses.

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This is what we are looking for, too! Particularly for advisory teachers who, in Distance Learning, are trying to flag at-risk students, and for special education and EL case-managers to be able to pull grades for all courses for individual students or - better yet - create a list of students they case-manage and pull grades in all classes for all of those students! It's the most requested feature by our special education and guidance staff! 

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It would be wonderful if there was a way that administrators and counselors could have an overview page of a student's grades with links to teacher's grade pages if there are questions about grades.  This would make it easier to have conversations with parents about a student in general, rather than having to look up each grade individually.

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We are using Canvas for all grades and having to go into each course for each student is very inconvenient for students, teachers, and parents.

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Completely the very least admin and specialists should have access to view all grades on one screen.  Having to click on a student and then each of their courses seems archaic.  While I am in complete support and would be excited to see this happen, I don't have high hopes.  This is something that appears to have been a topic of conversation since at least 2015 (

Districts are already paying for Canvas - paying for an add-on like Dropout Detective does not seem like a practical solution.

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In admin settings, an admin can view student's grades by searching for a student and clicking into all of his/her courses. I would like a view that would allow me to see all a student's course grades on one page, and a report that i could run on all the grades for all the students in the building. 



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It would be helpful for students to have a similar "Grades overview" page, where grades for all of their classes could be viewed in one place. As a student, it's quite difficult to build an overall picture of one's standing when only one course grades can be viewed at a time. Many students I know end up building their own spreadsheet to track, calculate, and view their grades in a more user-friendly way - despite that being a lot of extra work.

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New "Student Grades" Button on Admin → People

Would like a new button next to the "act as user" button that would let folks quickly access a student's grades across all classes. This would be helpful for anyone with a caseload of students to monitor.

So for student 123456, the button would link to 


mockup of student grades button on people screenmockup of student grades button on people screen

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During this time, we are all working more than our share of hours and don't have time to search through a student's Canvas courses.  Please add this button so that we are able to quickly see all of their grades on one page.