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Please incorporate a way where administrators can see all students grades on canvas--where we click on a student and see there grades for all their classes.




It would be helpful for students to have a similar "Grades overview" page, where grades for all of their classes could be viewed in one place. As a student, it's quite difficult to build an overall picture of one's standing when only one course grades can be viewed at a time. Many students I know end up building their own spreadsheet to track, calculate, and view their grades in a more user-friendly way - despite that being a lot of extra work.

Surveyor II

New "Student Grades" Button on Admin → People

Would like a new button next to the "act as user" button that would let folks quickly access a student's grades across all classes. This would be helpful for anyone with a caseload of students to monitor.

So for student 123456, the button would link to 


mockup of student grades button on people screenmockup of student grades button on people screen


During this time, we are all working more than our share of hours and don't have time to search through a student's Canvas courses.  Please add this button so that we are able to quickly see all of their grades on one page.