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Grading PowerPoint presentations in SpeedGrader

Grading PowerPoint presentations in SpeedGrader

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In many of our courses, students are required to submit a presentation in the form of a PowerPoint. 

These PowerPoint presentations usually include speaker notes or contain an audio recording.

To view the notes or listen to the audio, presentations must be downloaded and then put in the editing view.

After searching the content here in the Canvas Community, I learned that we could listen to audio recordings in SpeedGrader, without downloading each submission, if the assignment is set up as a 'media recording'. But it appears that this does not work for PowerPoints that contain audio.

It would save instructors a considerable amount of time if we were able to access those PowerPoint notes or voice-over recordings in SpeedGrader.

Is this a feature that can be enabled?



Community Team
Community Team
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Please let me know your thoughts on my suggestion:

It would be great for Tutors and Markers if audio and speaker notes located within a PowerPoint file (.ppt/.pptx) can be previewed in DocViewer (Speed Grader).

Please vote for this if you think it will be helpful.

Audio and Speaker Notes in PowerPoint.JPG


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This would be absolutely fantastic. We have to download every powerpoint to be able to mark it.


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Totally agree

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Be able to preview audio/video and speaker's notes within a PowerPoint file is going to be great. This will allow markers to identify incomplete assessments in time and make it easier to mark presentation assessments without downloading the file.

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This would be a great upgrade to the speed grader. This will not only reduce the tutor's workload to download the PowerPoint for marking but also save their time. 

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Awesome suggestion to reduce workload and ease workflow with marking.

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YES PLEASE. Such a time saving suggestion, Thank you. I would like everything that the student has submitted on one screen so that I do not have to double/triple handle assessments.

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Great idea to save time!

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That'd be useful.