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Grading Scheme added to Quizzes

Grading Scheme added to Quizzes


Our school uses the current quizzing feature for a lot of our assessments, and we are also using a grading scheme to have grades show the same way in the grade book. With the current quizzing feature there is no way to add the grading scheme to the quiz. Will this be an option with the new quizzing system so that when a grade is given on a quiz it will match with the grading scheme that I have set for all other assignments in my course? If it is not, then I would like to request that it is so that schools that grade with a scheme can easily apply it to a quiz to keep it cohesive for staff, students, and parents. Thank you!

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Yeah, it would be great to have consistency across all our assignments in Canvas in relation to grading schemes. It seems crazy that you can do this for an Assignment, but not a Quiz or a Assignment Group or even the Course Total?

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This is completely necessary for any Scandinavian school, and the lack of functionality severely inhibits many educators at my organisation from using quizzes for assessment.

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Consider also voting for:

I'm about to link from there to here, since these ideas represent different pieces of (IMHO, much-needed) connections between Quizzes and Grading Schemes.

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The ability to provide a grading scheme with a quiz is not only necessary, it makes complete sense when using specification grading (see Nilson, L. (2015). Specifications grading: Restoring rigor, motivating students, and saving faculty time. Stylus Publishing, LLC.)

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It is going on three years since this idea was suggested. I don't understand why we can't display quiz grades as letters (use grading scheme) when we can do this for assignments and discussions!

When can we expect to see some action on this one?

(I have added my "up" vote to this)

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It's insane that this isn't an option for quizzes. It makes me have to enter a dummy assignment and transfer the grades over manually to enable a grading scheme for a quiz. 

Also, don't get me started on how clunky the quiz functionality is.

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Just checking to see if this has been added to any of the updates. It is now 2022 and I still cannot see an option to add a grading schema to the quizzes.