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Grading by category

Grading by category

I'd like to set up a quiz in which I key each question to one of four outcomes. I'd like to be able to grade the quiz by seeing how many points students earn in each of the categories. (Each category is worth 20% of the quiz grade, but the highest one is doubled. This is why it would be nice for the computer to pull together the questions from the same category.)

Surveyor II

Thanks, Steven! I aligned outcomes with each of the questions, and though I can't get the specific number of questions in each category the students got right, it is useful to narrow down the best category for the student so I can just count up the points from that one for the final 5th of the grade. (This would be a ridiculous thing to attempt if I had a larger class than I do.) 


I haven't been able to use new quizzes yet, but in old quizzes it is possible to attach a rubric.  Rubrics can be built to include outcomes, but a rule to double the value of whichever rubric criterion students score highest in would be new.  I think you would also need the quiz grade to automatically calculate based on the rubric using the outcome scores pulled from new quizzes, and perhaps an actual average rather than a decaying average for the outcome results. 


That's quite a few steps beyond just getting the outcome results back into canvas before you could scale this up to a larger class!