Gray Out Gradebook after Uploading .csv File

When I upload a .csv file of grades, Canvas displays a warning that the gradebook may not be accurate while the file is loading a large .csv file. In my experience, even a file with just 45 students scores on a single assignment results in an incomplete gradebook. For example, if I go right to "Message Students Who..." for that column in the gradebook, the result is inaccurate.

Suggested enhancement: Show the entire gradebook "grayed out" and disable gradebook interactions until the .csv has been completely processed and the gradebook will display properly.

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 @jeanders ‌

John's idea of a notification gets at the same problem, but I would prefer to "gray out" the gradebook.

Essentially, the gradebook is faulty data until the upload is complete, and either should not be accessible, or should be clearly marked as incomplete. When the status changes, the visual should change to reflect the currency of the data displayed.

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Seriously, not knowing whether the gradebook has finished updating is a BIG problem with BIG classes like mine.  I have 194 students in a class, and sometimes upload multiple grade items.  It is very frustrating not knowing whether the upload has finished or not.  As I recall, Blackboard did not have this issue -- one of several reasons why I think the Blackboard gradebook is much better than Canvas's.  It seems like the Canvas developers would pay attention to issues like this, especially as they migrate from relatively small K-12 classes to much larger college and university classes.

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In" modifiedtitle="true" title="Import... and elsewhere, Deactivated user‌ from Canvas Product has mentioned an Import/Export project. It would be great to associate this idea with that project.

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