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Grouping Modules for Bulk processing

Grouping Modules for Bulk processing

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Feature request:
Grouping modules together so that they can all be rearranged/published/unpublished at once - essentially a checkbox feature that allows you to apply an action to multiple modules.

Context/usage desire:
My school uses Modules to chunk sections of a topic so students can find about a week's worth of materials all in the one place, and we sequence these chunks, revealing them as the term progresses. But when a topic is finished, we don't want to have to scroll through previous modules (even when they're collapsed) to get to the new one, so we drag all the module-'chunks' for the next topic up to the top. (side note, this leaves the whole course being in reverse order at the end of the year - not ideal). Because you can't selectively publish items in a module and the workaround is to have separate but corresponding modules for student-facing content and teacher-facing, this dragging activity is repetitive and clunky and therefore tedious.

I realise this is similar to Modules within Modules (which has been rejected by Instructure).

There are other possibilities that could achieve the same outcome I desire which have also been shut down: i.e. selective bulk publishing/unpublishing capability for items within a module. 

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation


Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, I found a few other ideas that, if prioritized and implemented, might also improve your experience:

Sort Modules by most recent to oldest

Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules (this one references items within modules, but like yours, requests the ability to perform an action on multiple items at once)

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