Groups feature enhancements – homepage, separate resources area, instructor access


Context: we have a subject with 2000 students, 32 tutorial groups and 27 teaching staff. In the subject half of it is central material living in Modules area, and the other half each tutorial group has a unique curriculum with its own resources and tutor (think of a subject within a subject). All students do the same assessments.

It would be helpful in this context to:

 •           Be able to create unique dynamic homepages for each Group area (using an Announcement page as a hack, it is not a good experience)
 •           For an instructor to be able to be assigned to a Group and be able to find this area easily (not hunt in down via People area)
 •           For an instructor to be able to access features such as a Groups-only version of Modules and Pages, so they can add activities, readings, resources, text, videos etc that are only for their specific tutorial group (You can imagine if instead the 32 groups had an area in main Modules on top of the central material it’s really too cumbersome).
 •           If possible for the Group’s area content such as files to be only viewable by that group
- If possible for tutor's to be restricted to only being able to edit their tutorial's area



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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts that would improve the experience for users in Groups. I'm particularly interested in the last two points. That would completely change the way Groups work, and it could be pretty powerful!

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