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Groups for assignment submission

Groups for assignment submission

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When creating an assignment for the students, the default is to Everyone. However, we have groups of students in our classroom who require extra accommodations such as extended time on a regular basis such as ESE, ELL and 504 students.

If we were able to assign these students to a group, when making an assignment we would not need to select their name each and every time (helps prevents errors as well of excluding by error).


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Thanks for sharing this idea. We invite you to add your comments to the existing conversation that most closely aligns with what you're hoping to see, Assign to by Group for Individual Assignment, and we'll archive this one to remove the duplication and keep that discussion unified in one place.

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It is cumbersome and takes too much time to type in the individual names for every assignment to those that we are required to give extra time to.  We are bound legally to do this. So it takes forever to create assignments.  It would be so much easier, and better for all, if we could create those student groups with those accommodations, and be able to just select that group to assign to with different due dates.


Please help Gen Ed teachers and Special Education teachers, by making this a reality.  THANK YOU!!!