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HTML video in Canvas

HTML video in Canvas

The new video function is great! (HTML-video). However it takes a while from clicking "Save" until the operation is done. And the pupils get no indication that it is processing. They are therefore likely to start over again.
I recorded a video lasting for 45 sec. and it took 10 sec. to process after clicking save. Too long. We need a shorter processing time, or please just put in "Your film is converting/saving/processing" etc. to make it more understandable.

Best, Ståle

Community Team
Community Team

 @stale_heggset ‌, have you asked Canvas Support to have a look at this? And if you have, would you please provide the case number? We'll move this idea into Moderating status for the moment as we look forward to your response. Thanks.

Community Participant

Yes, case number 03828802

I got this answer: 
Hi Ståle 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support! I am happy to help! I see that its a bit unclear when users are using the option to record a video on Canvas.
unfortunately that at the moment is not a feature on Canvas. This would be a great feature however! I suggest you add this to our feature requests page in our community, to get it implemented into Canvas. Here is a link to our feature request page:

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call as we are open 24/7! 

Warm Regards,


Community Team
Community Team

Thank you,  @stale_heggset ; it's helpful to know that this has already gone through the support process. We've reopened this idea for voting.

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Yeah, this is terribly frustrating! I am trying to save my video in Firefox and Chrome, but it appears like the button is not even working. Every once in a while one of my videos will post, but others I have left there for quite some time with no results. All of my videos so far have been between 2-3 minutes ...

Are there any tips for the current version of this HTML video feature? Can I just press save and navigate away from the page? Can I just open a new tab and start recording the next video?

Is this video actually being recorded on my personal computer and then being uploaded to Canvas, or is the video somehow being capture on the server side?

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BGSU is experiencing the same performance with the HTML5 recorder.

Community Member

Hello, Eric!  We have been having the same issue reported from many of our faculty.  It's really disappointing as we ran a big campaign last year to try and encourage faculty video presence, only to have this update hinder it.  When I have submitted tickets on it, we have gotten responses that there isn't an issue or it's bandwidth on our end.  Even with a decent connection, it takes me upwards of 10 minutes to have a 1-2 minute video upload on a good day.

Something I have been able to do is have one tab open, record a video, then click save and just leave it alone for awhile.  The issue is it doesn't do a great job of telling you anything is going on.  If you are using Chrome, though, and click from one tab back to another, it will briefly flash the percentage of upload in the corner.  I've been able to work in other tabs while this is going on then come back once it finally populates.  Most of our faculty have already opted for third-party products as a workaround.

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I also found that opening two tabs was helpful. The problem is that if one of these videos for some reason doesn't upload it means I have to record it again. This is not something I like to gable with.

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This is what I have included on a troubleshooting page we have for students; click the Canvas tab:

  • Note: The processing of recorded media is DIFFERENT for assignments and discussions. 
    • If your media ASSIGNMENT video and/or audio is not submitting, after clicking 'Save', you must wait [possibly a very long time] for the preview window to go away before you can click the 'Submit Assignment' button. Just because you can preview the video/audio does not mean the video is saved. Students, including myself, are not seeing anything to indicate progress of the video/audio being saved. Please see the Submit a Media Recording Assignment for detailed steps & notes.
    • If your media DISCUSSION video and/or audio is not posting to a discussion, before pressing the 'Post Reply' button, be sure that you can play the video and/or audio back; you may have to wait a long time for the circle to stop spinning. After you post you should be able to play the video back. If this is not the case, you will have to record your video again and wait for the video to process [circle stop spinning] before clicking 'Post Reply'.