HTML5 Support in Mobile App

HTML5 Content developed in programs such as Captivate and Storyline provides interactivity and engagement for learners. Whether this be exported as SCORM or embedded as html5 content, it needs to be supported so that it can easily load and play from the Canvas Mobile App. 

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Hi Hattie Abretti‌,

I'm happy you created this idea. My only issue is the root of the problem doesn't necessarily center around SCORM, but the fact that the apps don't support HTML5 formats created from Captivate, Storyline, and other programs. Since HTML5 is a universal standard that works great on mobile browsers, it would be nice to see it work in the app as well. I'm confident that if HTML5 was usable in the app that the SCORM aspects would be supported. I suggest you adjust this idea to focus more on HTML5 and less on SCORM. You will probably get more votes. 

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I would love to see SCORM work in the mobile apps, also, but I have to agree the the underlying HTML5 support issue it likely the primary cause for the lack of SCORM support.

Whether you modify the idea to cater to the underlying HTML5 issue or leave it as is, you have my vote. I, personally, feel like SCORM has been greatly neglected in the development of Canvas. It's nice that Instructure finally added support for it to be copied with a shell, making it feasible for institutions that relying on "Master" shells, but there's still many things that still need to be addressed:

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Thanks  @rseilham ‌ and cesbrandt‌, I agree with you that it is the HTML5 support that is the real issue and I will amend the idea to reflect this!

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This is not directly an answer to your question, but is closely related.   I recently wrote a blog post asking Devil's Advocate: Why do we need mobile apps?  The proposal is simply that I think we should focus on the web version of Canvas and making it usable on all devices.  This will still present problems if you use an external app that doesn't support HTML5, but because we have such widely accepted standards in HTML5, this would be the logical approach, putting pressure on app developers to simply support HTML5.  

All my own opinion, of course!

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I'd like to see better integration here too. Ideally, the HTML5 content in mobile should replicate the desktop experience, but I'd settle for a custom placeholder link (i.e. thumbnail) instead of the generic text currently used for everything.

H5P elements show as an external tool link in the mobile app, as do videos hosted in Studio/Arc (when embedded via LTI). Articulate 360 actually behaves better than either of these when served separately as an iframe, although lack of responsiveness is a problem.

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Support for both HTML5 and SCORM would be awesome! It is a shame that we promise our students e-learning courses, yet the content isn't even working on the app... html5 should work Smiley Sad

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