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Have Refunds Appear in Canvas Catalog Analytics

Have Refunds Appear in Canvas Catalog Analytics


Hi everyone,

We would like the ability to have refunds appear in the Canvas Catalog Analytics tab for the purpose of accurate revenue. What I mean by this is just adding in the negative amounts of transactions into the right-hand column where the money is displayed. Here is how the analytics page currently looks like in Canvas Catalog:


Here is how this information should appear which is being pulled from (notice how the amounts of $480 or $900 are not listed in the above graphic):279216_jessica-image-blurred.png

Surveyor II

Yes, thats why I upvoted it Smiley Happy !

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thank you.

Surveyor II

Has there been any movement on this?  We are just starting to take payments and need to work out a refund workflow.

Is there an ETA for this?  I do not see where to up-vote it?