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As a student, one thing that is really hard is when you need direct help for example on homework, classwork, etc. Sometimes a teacher can't always get back to you and help you when you really need help. With a help assistant (the name doesn't have to be flashy. CanvasBot, HelperBot, AssistantBot, those are just suggestions.) it would make it much easier! Honestly i think this idea is brilliant and deserves a chance. Heres two examples one by text and one with a picture of what it should look like.

1)  CanvasBot: Hello! I'm CanvasBot! How would you like my assistance?

     User:            Hi CanvasBot. I need help with homework

     CanvasBot: What kind of homework do you need assistance with?

      User:           Math homework.

      CanvasBot: Directing you to Homework Help.


298612_3F13D93F-D7E4-4744-BEF4-33921528F4D1.jpegThank you!

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I thought this was a good idea