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Hide Individual Total Columns One At A Time

Hide Individual Total Columns One At A Time

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Right now, it is possible to hide ALL total columns (including the course total as well as individual assignment group totals), but if an instructor wants students to see their total for one assignment group but not another, the only workaround is to create a no-submission assignment to act as a placeholder column and copy those grades into that column. It would be beneficial to instructors if they had the ability to hide these individual total columns one by one rather than be required to hide them all or not hide any at all.

We have also had many faculty complain that the individual assignment group total columns take up unnecessary space in the gradebook, and can be easily confused for regular assignment columns if they have the same name (this is quite common in the case of individually weighted assignments, which must be given their own exclusive assignment group - which is an issue that deserves its own idea conversation), so it would also be beneficial for faculty to be able to either filter these columns out of their default grade view, or if total columns could be colored slightly differently so as to better distinguish them from regular assignment columns.

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Community Team
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Similar to this original request...but a slight tweak.....include total grade column as well as the assignment group totals as options you can turn on or off for students. 
Our school district's grading and assessment committee would like to implement separate product, process, and progress grades as discussed by Thomas R. Guskey Ph.D.    In Canvas, we see these three areas as becoming Assignment Groups.   We could then align corresponding canvas assignments under these three areas.   
We would then like to hide the TOTAL overall course grade only.  Then the product, process, and progress assignment group totals could be shown as three separate grading categories.    
In course settings, our current option is to hide all totals, or display all.   The suggestion above if it included the TOTAL grade could allow districts to better customize how grades are reported to match their grading philosophies. 
A possible way to implement would be to add a HIDE/DISPLAY option to the three dot menu of the total grade column & assignment group total columns.  When hidden, the closed eye icon could display next to the assignment column in the gradebook letting teachers know students do not see it - like how it works on the course navigation menu.