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Hide Profile picture in SpeedGrader when 'Hide Student Names' is enabled.

Hide Profile picture in SpeedGrader when 'Hide Student Names' is enabled.

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When an instructor is using SpeedGrader to grade discussions, the student's profile picture is visible in the submission entry field. When the instructor enables 'Hide Student Names' in SpeedGrader, the student name is hidden and the profile picture in the top-right corner in the student selector dropdown is removed.

However, the student's profile picture is still visible in the submission entry field next to each of their discussion post entries. This seems to be an oversight for the 'Hide Student Names' functionality and possibly for the 'anonymous grading' functionality as well.

Please remove student profile pictures from the submission entry space when grading discussions in SpeedGrader when 'Hide Student Names' or 'Anonymous Grading' is applied.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

YES PLEASE!  It totally defeats the point of blind grading if I can see student pictures.


It would be great if we could call a spade a spade and a bug a bug.  How this could be considered anything other than a bug I do not understand.  In addition to "Idea Conversations" (AKA feature requests) there should be a section called Bug Reports.  I had no idea this bug existed until I got notification of this posting (and at first was skeptical, until I tried it out).  If there were a section called Bug Reports, I would follow it closely.


When an instructor is expecting to grade anonymously, we should reflect that preference across the board to ensure that is truly possible. Having the profile image still visible in the discussion post clearly goes against what is expected here. We've created a ticket for our engineering team and will add this to an upcoming sprint. We will notify when the fix is in place through our deploy notes process. 


@jsailor - Your post is so welcome! I was very frustrated when I was told this wasn't a bug and I had to submit a feature request. Thank you for recognizing this as a bug. We look forward to when the fix can be implemented. Thank you!