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Hide names in SpeedGrader in iOS app

Hide names in SpeedGrader in iOS app


Earlier guides to the Canvas iOS app indicate that it used to be able to perform anonymous grading in the SpeedGrader by hiding the names. In a recent update, this option has been removed. The option to hide names in SpeedGrader should be reinstated so that anonymous grading can be performed on a tablet.

Community Participant

I agree! This is something I'm missing and I can see no reason for this option to be taken away. If the app is supposed to be for teachers it feels like an obvious option to have available.

Community Member

As a TA, I would also really appreciate this feature. 

Community Member

I can’t use the iOS app without this feature. It needs to be added back if the app is meant to be usable at all.

Community Member

How has this issue not been addressed yet?

Community Member

I can’t grade on my iPad without this feature.  Please put it back.  I am finding the teacher app basically useless except for looking things up.  Can’t edit or do lots of other things.  Why did you do this, Canvas?

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