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Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

Parts of this have been mentioned in previous requests (Modules within Modules and others) and I wonder if this is more to do with the needs of K12 than beyond?


We run a model based on UK curriculum which may be different to other school models (10+ subjects in a timetable, classes selected by ability, external examinations in 2/3 year groups, different content taught depending on the class etc). Having begun our implementation of Canvas the last thing we wished to do is create individual courses for each class and teacher in a subject. With up to 9 classes in a subject this would be an administrative nightmare and would go against much of what I believe a VLE is for - forward facing, collaborative, personalised, sharing of resources etc.


The reality is at school level it is very very difficult to create a core course that is truly personalised without some form of conditions/restrictions especially as "content is king". We add our classes as separate sections which enables assignments to be posted to individual classes. We would dearly like Canvas to go further and enable this option for other content such as pages/links etc.


The idea being suggested though is for teachers to be able to hide/view modules for individual sections


This would allow content (pages, links etc) to be viewed by individual sections. It would give teachers and students the best of both worlds. Modules could be 'turned on' for all sections or individual sections. It would allow you to create differentiated blocks of content/resources eg for those students who are perhaps sitting the 'Higher Level' exam. It would also allow us to support subjects where they have banded/set ability groups. It would also support subjects where topics are done on rotation due to resourcing. It would also reduce the risk of common core subjects such as Maths/Science developing vast 'silos' of resources/modules and making navigation harder than it should be. Would it also be less messy than Conditional activities?


I know that some suggestions have talked about creating extra courses but with the majority of our students having up to 15 courses to manage, the last thing I wish to see is doubling up courses and reducing engagement.


I think this is more of a K12 issue and it would be nice to see a little bit of love sent their way...


I was at the Dutch Users Group consortium on Friday. This consortium represents a sizeable and growing number of universities, colleges and schools within the Netherlands. As a group, we identified a number of ideas we wished to take forward and the one above emerged as a clear favourite (without any prompting from me!)

This is now an idea that has support across multiple educational organisations and the benefits of this idea are seen as hugely positive and wide ranging.

As the last comment on this was 16 months ago and 2 years since the idea was published, it would be nice to know what progress, if any, has been made here.

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Thanks for your comment and support Rachel - please pass on to others! Fully believe it is the way forward and one that allows both students and staff the best of all worlds. The ability to share additional digital resources with section or individual is key to developing a more personalised learning platform. We are slowly getting there.... :O)

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This capability is ESSENTIAL for effective quizzing in the large-lecture Statistics courses that I teach at the University of Iowa, where, say, 600 enrolled students are concurrently enrolled in 20 different Discussion sections of 30 students each. (Students meet weekly with TAs in smaller Discussion sections, as well as attending large lectures with me.)

In Discussion, students take a weekly, hand-graded quiz. To promote academic integrity, I use multiple versions of each quiz and randomly assign different versions to different sections. To personalize student feedback and to avoid confusion, I prefer to "post quiz solutions (in the form of PDF files) by section" --- i.e., to reveal to each student ONLY the solution to his/her particular quiz version.

This implies the ability to "lock/unlock" or "hide/reveal" course content (i.e., modules) by section within a single Canvas course. Please support effective teaching and academic integrity within large courses by voting for (and implementing!) this capability for Fall 2016!


Blake Whitten

University of Iowa


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Wow! I can see exactly why this is critical to you. Thanks so much for your support and engagement. For further comment, we need to get the total past 100 so perhaps you could persuade some colleagues to share their opinion too. Thanks for taking the time Blake.


I agree, section-aware modules is a feature that would have a lot of value in large multi-section, higher-ed courses. In fact, we had to devise a workaround using differentiated assignments as a control gate for section-released modules in some of our universities course sites.


There have been many past idea requests regarding this notion of releasing content to specific sections. This section-aware capability needs to be standard across all tools (as it is in almost all other learning management systems).

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Agreed John and thanks for your support. We find ourselves increasingly caught between creating personalised resources for our classes but having to replicate resources (at least timewise) to put on a course. For example, we have 8 Design Technology classes in Year 7 and one teacher teaches in 5 of them.

Excited that we are almost about to pass the 100 mark. Hoping to go further...

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With the "No" votes, you should probably drum up support from others.  It would be a shame to get so near and fall short.

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I agree - we have many situations at our university where this feature would be very valuable. Thanks for posting - glad to see this has the votes to make it to the next step! (I added mine in anyway). Smiley Happy

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Thanks Crista and John for your support.. Lets wait and see.

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This is a really essential feature that is needed for flexibility within courses. Learners progress at different rates and it is important to have that flexibility of being able to hide or show different modules at different times for different sections within a course.