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How about changing the wording for "Hide Grades"?

How about changing the wording for "Hide Grades"?

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I mistakenly clicked on "Hide Grades" when I  meant to change my grade posting policy, thinking it was the same thing, even though I have used the grade posting policy correctly in the past. I had an embarrassing and potentially disastrous moment when a student wrote back about comments that were intended only for me, not for the student. I am lucky that it's a student I like, and that I worded everything as positively as possible. But it should never have happened.

I called the help line, and the agent said that he has heard this complaint before. I don't really understand the purpose of hiding grades that have already been posted for students to see, and I'm not sure the agent did, either, but I assume it's useful to someone for something. I suggested that "Hide Grades" needs to be reworded to "Hide grades already posted," but I'm not even certain that that's appropriate. Please find some way of making clear that students can see grades posted even while "Hide Grades" is selected.


I agree, and even mentioned a similar idea in a different thread. I suggested "Hide Posted Grades." "Hide Grades" does not describe what is actually happening.

Or, they should change it so that when clicked, it hides all posted grades and any future grades entered.  (like Mute Grades used to work)  I'm not sure why someone would want to hide already posted grades while also wanting any new grades to post. Maybe someone does, but I have to believe it's a very slim minority of users. 

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Thanks, @gnoack. I'd have given you kudos if I could figure out how!

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Agreed, the hide grades functionality is confusing, especially when used in conjunction with assignment or course posting policies. It could result in a teacher accidentally revealing a comment that they had not intended to, just like in the example provided.