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Icon maker - more images

Icon maker - more images

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We think the icon maker is really good, but the images that we can add to it, are very limited - only 16? Would be great if there were a lot more and / or we could add our own images to the bank (At admin level even)  or load some icons from web etc? 


🔎 This idea has been archived. While this idea isn't open for comments, it is an important part of Instructure’s idea conversations and development process. Contributions like this are valuable as Instructure prioritizes work on new or existing features.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @CaroleReece -

Thank you for this feedback! I have good news! The Product Team is already looking into adding this feature. Icon Maker - Coming Soon To The RCE 

We'll be monitoring feedback for general purpose images we might add to these image sets but we know we're never going to be able cover every use case. That is why we're already working on letting you upload custom images. Custom images is planned to be a fast-follow after the initial release, and here is a preview of what that will look like. (Spoiler: it's pretty cool.)

Because of this, we are not going to move this Idea through our official process. Watch the Release Notes for updates! 🙂

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I just tried the icon maker and I love it, but I'd love to be able to upload my own icon or at least have several more options. IconsMania has so many great, free options.