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Identify Hidden Grades in Grades and SpeedGrader

Identify Hidden Grades in Grades and SpeedGrader

We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide grades, it is only hiding the grades that exist at the time you click Hide Grades. Grades you enter after hiding grades are still ‘honoring’ the Automatic Post policy applied and are visible to those students. We had been working under the assumption that clicking Hide Grades on an assignment with an Automatic Post Policy would hide all (current and future) grades, until grades are posted.

While we recognize the additional flexibility this provides to faculty, we also recognize that this is not how faculty expect the Hide Grades to function.

We would like to propose that Canvas add indicators to the Grades page and SpeedGrader to clearly indicate which grades are or will be hidden. These indicators should be visible in both places without faculty needing to click anything.

For example, right now, when I click the option to "Post Grades", Canvas indicates the hidden grades with a dot (indicating action needs to be taken). Couldn't those dots be added to the main view of Grades, so I can see them without having to click on "Post Grades" first?

In SpeedGrader, please also add some text to the sidebar that states whether the grade to be entered will be hidden (if the current settings will hide the grade).

This is a companion request to 

Community Coach
Community Coach


Here's and additional resource for you: Post Policy Updates Feedback.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi,‌, we're going to keep this idea in Moderating status until the latest changes to the Post Policy feature have made it to the production environment. At that time we'll ask you to re-examine the behavior to see whether this idea is still warranted and/or if it needs editing to reflect the latest changes.



Hi stefaniesanders, I've updated this feature request and would love for it to be open for voting now.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for updating the idea and for adding the related links,‌. This idea is now open for voting.

Learner II

I'm all for anything that makes it clear to the grader whether or not students will see the grades that will be entered. is a complementary idea that would help graders understand which policies were in place at any given time.


One way to add indicators to the Grades page to make it clear which grades are hidden vs visible could be to use the eye with a slash icon next to each student's grade like in the Total column. Instead of keeping the eye with a slash icon at the top of the column even when there are grades entered in that column that are visible, confusing instructors, when instructors begin to post grades that are visible in that column, the eye with a slash icon should appear next to each grade that is hidden only.

When the eye with a slash icon remains at the top of the column that has an automatic posting policy even when instructor has entered visible grades, there is no visual cue to the instructor that some grades are visible.

Finally, when the instructor changes the grade posting policy to manual for the column, the eye with a slash should go back to the top of the column, giving the visual cue that all grades in that column are invisible to students.


Sara Suzuki