Immersive Reader for Mobile Devices


The immersive reader option is a must for the mobile devices as well.  Immersive Reader option in the app will be so beneficial to our students who are remote learning to start the school year and are 1:1 iPads.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for general discussion, please be aware that Immersive Reader is currently available in Canvas accounts as a free trial offered by Microsoft. Development of additional functionality will come in the form of a partnership with Microsoft predicated on their willingness to devote development resources to expanding and extending the product offering to mobile devices, so please also reach out to your school's Microsoft representative to make them aware of this requested functionality.

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Immersive Reader should be available across the entire platform and on all device types (including smartphones and tablets). Access and equity for emerging bilingual students, Blind or vision-impaired students, dyslexic students, students with ADHD, and others would be greatly improved. Depending on the context, workarounds to the current limitation either don't exist or require students to make extra clicks that create unnecessary friction in their learning experience. 

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@phillip-bernard Thanks for your comment. At this time we remain in discussions with Microsoft.

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Wish this were on the mobile app too.  This is awesome on the desktop.  Please make it available in all parts of Canvas.

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Yes, we would love to see the Immersive Reader on mobile devices.

We just received the below feedback from one of our students:


Is there an immersive reader within the phone app for course content, if not would you consider putting one in ?

Ideally I would be able to play an audio file for the the entire module (all chapters continuously without break) with only have to push “play” once removing the need to touch phone at all. 

Making this request as I can spend up to 4 hours on the road driving or planes flying, this would be a significant enhancement to the mobile app and of interest to many "

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Yes our students would appreciate an immersive reader on the app! It would be extremely helpful if they're on the road or unable to find the time to read.


We are conducting Canvas Bootcamp this week and demo'd the Immersive Reader. Most teachers in our Bootcamp this summer are elementary teachers and a few middle school teachers.   All our K-8 students are on iPads, most using the Canvas Student App.   We are beyond eager to see #ImmersiveReader work on the Student App.

@SamanthaFisher  -- do you have any info on this, please?

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So it seems a lot of us really could use IR on mobile devices. I understand that you need Microsoft to agree. How can we help urge/convince MS to agree? This feature helps meet accommodations for so many students! 

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K-1 students and many K-12 ESE (special needs students) in our district (201,000 students) use iPads.  Teachers and students would LOVE Immersive Reader as an option for the mobile app.

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I've been teaching noncredit courses using Canvas at a community college since 2019. My students are nonnative speakers of English and really need and love Immersive Reader. Unfortunately, many students attend classes on mobile devices rather than computers, and they can't use Immersive Reader. I see that instructors have been requesting Immersive Reader for mobile devices for quite awhile and wondered if there any news about that happening?

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This would be SO useful for our learners - apprentices, average age 24 years, many with literacy challenges and English as a second language.

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