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Immersive Reader in Assignments

Immersive Reader in Assignments


Immersive reader is an excellent option for accessibility in "pages." Please make it available in assignments.

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for sharing this idea,  @hussleds ‌. While we have moved it forward in order to gauge community sentiment, please know that Microsoft Immersive Reader is currently being offered as a free trial for Canvas users, and it will ultimately be their decision as to whether the trial or feature will be expanded to other areas of Canvas.

Community Member

This would help ensure access & equity for all students.

Community Member

I second this!

Community Member

This is the best thing that has happened.  I used it in pages for some of my EL students and they are really sad that they cannot use it throughout the entire Canvas Platform.  I can't wait until (or if) this is part of all of Canvas.  I tried several languages with different students and they all said that it is very accurate and understandable.  

Community Participant

Adding Immersive Reader throughout Canvas was one of the first requests we got back from faculty when we turned on the Pages-only implementation. It's particularly valuable in assignments, so students can clearly understand what's expected of them. 

Community Member

Adding Immersive Reader to everything on Canvas such as assignments and discussions would be extremely helpful for K-12 students! Adding Immersive Reader to assignments is one of the most requested items I get from teachers especially working with English language learners and special education students. 

Community Champion

Can we also have it work on the course front page please? It's wonderful,

Community Member

The Immersive Reader is an awesome addition to Canvas. It will be very helpful to non-native English speakers in all classes, but especially to students in ESL classes. It is wonderful that it is already available on Pages, but it would be SO helpful to include it in Assignments as well, not to mention Discussions, Announcements, and the Homepage. Some Assignments need complicated instructions, both on the task and on how to submit (at least the first time students do an assignment), and having the Immersive Reader would really help them navigate this potential obstacle and get right to the task at hand! Also, Announcements can be an important tool in the initial communications during the first weeks of a semester. It is important that students understand ALL the details, and the Immersive Reader can help ensure that they do.

Community Member

We need immersive reader in Quizzes for the times we don't use AWARE.

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